Spikes Lead (Snorunt) @ Salac Berry  
Ability: Inner Focus  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 2 Atk / 30 SpA  
- Spikes  
- Ice Beam  
- Hidden Power [Grass]  
- Endure
Optional Move(s):
- Hidden Power [Electric]
Optional Item(s):
- N/A
Optional Ability:
- N/A
Optional EV/IV(s):
- N/A
Overview: Snorunt's access to Spikes allows it to act as one of the top leads in the tier. Due to the number of pivots in ADV ZU, breakers greatly appreciate the chip damage that Snorunt’s Spikes provides. 
Spikes Lead: Snorunt's only goal is to set Spikes. Endure in conjunction with Salac Berry almost always allows Snorunt to set at least one layer of Spikes. Ice Beam is Snorunt's primary STAB. Hidden Power [Grass] discourages Staryu from trying to switch into Snorunt to clear spikes with its Rapid Spin, as well as other Water-types looking to tank Ice Beam. 
Other Options: Hidden Power [Electric] is an option over [Grass] to maintain super effective coverage against Water-types, namely Staryu, in addition to having neutral coverage for Fire-types. 
Checks and Counters: Cyndaquil is the premier Snorunt counter lead, as it forces Snorunt to use Endure and get knocked out with Quick Attack the following turn. Additional priority users such as Elekid, Pidgeotto, and Taillow can all KO Snorunt after it has gotten its Salac boost. Spoink is another lead matchup that counters Snorunt, as it is faster and able to use Taunt to prevent Spikes, get behind a Substitute, and start boosting with Calm Mind; neither Ice Beam nor Hidden Power will break the Sub, even without boosts. Other sweepers such as Growlithe and Grimer can take advantage of Snorunt's poor stats and use it as setup fodder early game as well. Staryu and Delibird can erase Snorunt's progress thanks to their access to Rapid Spin. Delibird is worth mentioning as it takes no damage from Spikes when it switches in and it can comfortably switch in on Snorunt, which Staryu cannot.