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[12:07] #Coolcodename: Hello everyone and welcome to the final SS OU workshop of gen8
[12:08] #Coolcodename: if you want to know what a workshop is check out this thread
[12:08] #Coolcodename:
[12:08] #Coolcodename: and please do not spam this question in dms or chat any further
[12:09] #Coolcodename: /announce you will now be able to dm me cores to build around for this workshop and i will start a poll shortly
[12:13] #Coolcodename: i didn't do it properly was meant to announce mb
[12:14] #Coolcodename: /announce you will now be able to dm me cores to build around for this workshop and i will start a poll shortly
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[12:22] Coolcodename used /poll create SS OU Workshop Cores, Tyranitar+Blissey, Heracross+Slowbro, Tapu Bulu+Melmetal, Tyranitar+Excadril
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[12:22] #Coolcodename: missed one
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 Poll ended 1 votes SS OU Workshop Cores
1. Tyranitar+Blissey (0 votes)
2. Heracross+Slowbro (0 votes)
3. Tapu Bulu+Melmetal (0 votes)
4. Tyranitar+Excadril (1 vote)
[12:23] Coolcodename used /poll create Tyranitar+Blissey, Heracross+Slowbro, Tapu Bulu+Melmetal, Blaziken+Weavile, Tyranitar+Excadrill
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[12:23] #Coolcodename: what how am i this bad
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 Poll ended 2 votes Tyranitar+Blissey
1. Heracross+Slowbro (0 votes)
2. Tapu Bulu+Melmetal (0 votes)
3. Blaziken+Weavile (1 vote)
4. Tyranitar+Excadrill (1 vote)
[12:24] Coolcodename used /poll create Tyranitar+Blissey, Tapu Bulu+Melmetal, Blaziken+Weavile, Tyranitar+Excadrill, Heracross+Slowbro
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[12:24] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: I can do it for you
[12:25] (The poll was ended by yOuRwElCoMeThAnk.)
 Poll ended 5 votes Tyranitar+Blissey
1. Tapu Bulu+Melmetal (2 votes)
2. Blaziken+Weavile (0 votes)
3. Tyranitar+Excadrill (2 votes)
4. Heracross+Slowbro (1 vote)
[12:26] yOuRwElCoMeThAnk used /poll create Pick the core of today's Workshop,Tapu Bulu+Melmetal,Blaziken+Weavile,Tyranitar+Excadrill,Heracross+Slowbro,Tyranitar+Blissey
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[12:26] #Coolcodename: ty ywt
[12:26] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: np
[12:26] #Coolcodename: this is why i should be demoted from ro fr
[12:26] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: lol
[12:26] #Coolcodename: will give u guys 4 mins to vote
[12:26] #Coolcodename: /announce vote starts now
[12:30] (The poll was ended by Coolcodename.)
 Poll ended 15 votes Pick the core of today's Workshop
1. Tapu Bulu+Melmetal (6 votes)
2. Blaziken+Weavile (2 votes)
3. Tyranitar+Excadrill (2 votes)
4. Heracross+Slowbro (5 votes)
5. Tyranitar+Blissey (0 votes)
[12:30] #Coolcodename: u guys can ask any questions u want and or make suggestions in chat but pls do not flood with the same questions or shitpost
[12:30] #Coolcodename: and with that we will beging
[12:30] #Coolcodename: *begin
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[12:31] +suloxiv: freed
[12:31] #Coolcodename: 3d barracades
[12:31] memegodv2: why did you gys disable chat?
[12:31] georgebowserjr1: bulu and melm
[12:31] Ducky: Tsyon how good was my core
[12:31] #Coolcodename: we building around bulu+melm
[12:31] georgebowserjr1: interesting
[12:31] @tsyon✿: idk which one is yours ducky
[12:31] sufys12: that's sad hera+slowbro didn't win lol.
[12:31] Ducky: The ne that won
[12:31] georgebowserjr1: Mine was ttar and drill
[12:31] @tsyon✿: O
[12:31] sufys12: so close yet so far
[12:31] 3d: yo
[12:31] drop a burn: Sad the sand core didnt win
[12:31] 3d: kk
[12:32] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Heracross didn't win
[12:32] #Coolcodename: i will maintain paste
[12:32] memegodv2: why was the chat disabled?
[12:32] georgebowserjr1: drop a burn you voted for my suggestion
[12:32] #Coolcodename: u guys can start building
[12:32] georgebowserjr1: thank you!
[12:32] +Milo: It's a workshop memegodv2
[12:32] #Coolcodename: also we disabled mod chat so u guys can ask questions
[12:32] #Coolcodename: like i said above
[12:32] memegodv2: oh
[12:32] sufys12: what kinds of questions in relation to the core
[12:32] memegodv2: i didnt know what worshops were but read the forums and now i know
[12:32] @tsyon✿: set wise and going from there to completing the team
[12:33] drop a burn: Any specific melm set we rocking?
[12:33] #Coolcodename: the building in general
[12:33] #Coolcodename: can also make suggestions ofc
[12:33] #Coolcodename: sets not decided yet
[12:33] sufys12: well naturally with bulu you'd prolly be using toxtect melm so yea
[12:34] +Dorron ☆: what about telepathy in tapu bulu? B)
[12:34] #Coolcodename: toxtect is prob what we are using yea
[12:34] #Coolcodename: dorron no shitposting.
[12:34] 3d: are we talking here
[12:34] 3d: building
[12:34] georgebowserjr1: hmm well i can mention a mon
[12:34] #Coolcodename: yes 3d
[12:34] georgebowserjr1: not a set as much
[12:34] 3d: Barracades u here
[12:34] +Dorron ☆: we'd need a hard fire resist
[12:34] 3d: ye
[12:34] sufys12: you'd use hhp/superpower as 4th move presumably because it'd be anti-synergistic to run eq on melmetal
[12:34] 3d: for sure
[12:34] Barracades: yo hmm i was thinking a hybrid Bo + HO core, like scarf future sight latios over future sight lele cuz it outspeeds scarf kart
[12:34] BuckfromGothamCity: toxapex?
[12:34] +Dorron ☆: tran still does a lot
[12:35] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Zapdos check too
[12:35] memegodv2: maybe a ho melm and bulu core
[12:35] BuckfromGothamCity: wut's tran?
[12:35] georgebowserjr1: i was gonna say zapdos because kart is a problem
[12:35] Barracades: so if we go latios, we can potentially go band beat up bisharp with the fs,
[12:35] +Dorron ☆: heatran
[12:35] 3d: hmm
[12:35] #Coolcodename: seems interesting
[12:35] Barracades: since bish benefits from grassy
[12:35] #Coolcodename: scarf fs latios
[12:35] 3d: i do like latios
[12:35] #Coolcodename: bish terrain seems real nice
[12:35] Barracades: scarf fs ice beam psychic trick
[12:35] @MurderousMantyke: so these are the peak ta hours
[12:35] memegodv2: yea
[12:35] BuckfromGothamCity: wuts fs?
[12:35] #Coolcodename: yes mm
[12:35] @MurderousMantyke: future sight
[12:35] 3d: future sight
[12:35] sufys12: idk about heatran lol, isn't it kinda redundant when you have melm performing a similar role
[12:36] georgebowserjr1: im leaning towards zap here ngl
[12:36] 3d: yea i think
[12:36] 3d: volcanion
[12:36] 3d: works better here
[12:36] Barracades: so rocks offensive boom normal gem + u turn lando + boots fog canion
[12:36] 3d: than heatran
[12:36] 3d: it works nice w terrain too
[12:36] #Coolcodename: yr
[12:36] sufys12: volcanion is better for sure, i've tried that with bulu melm before
[12:36] #Coolcodename: we have mel as steel
[12:36] 3d: and helps vs rain
[12:36] Barracades: boots fog canion is godlike at removing hazards too
[12:36] #Coolcodename: rain mu much better yh
[12:36] 3d: latios + volc + bulu
[12:36] 3d: we're never losing to rain
[12:36] 3d: w this team
[12:36] #Coolcodename: and into shifu
[12:36] 3d: ye
[12:36] Barracades: Threatens every rocker
[12:36] memegodv2: yea volc would be good
[12:36] Barracades: reason i chose latios too
[12:36] Barracades: it helps vs the rare sun
[12:36] sufys12: latios volc bulu melm works fine sure
[12:36] Barracades: and helps outspeed scarf kart
[12:37] +Dorron ☆: what about a chomp
[12:37] sufys12: you need a ground and stealth rock
[12:37] Barracades: chomp would drain momentum on a core like this
[12:37] +Dorron ☆: we still need a rocker
[12:37] sufys12: so it would make sense
[12:37] #Coolcodename: chomp+gterrain not the best combo
[12:37] Barracades: lando works w rocks u turn eq explosion
[12:37] 3d: chomp + grassy works but
[12:37] Barracades: normal gem
[12:37] #Coolcodename: i think lando is better
[12:37] Barracades: u can pivot out
[12:37] #Yellow Paint: horsepower time?
[12:37] Barracades: and boom lategame
[12:37] sufys12: eh chomp + gterrain works fine imo
[12:37] 3d: u rely on
[12:37] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Chomp doesn't have horsepower
[12:37] sufys12: you just gotta run tantrum over
[12:37] memegodv2: chomp and gterrain is bad imo cuz half power eq
[12:37] +Dorron ☆: doesnt have horsepower i think
[12:37] 3d: ur fat switchins
[12:37] 3d: too much
[12:37] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: It has Stomping Tantrum
[12:37] #Yellow Paint: oh ew
[12:37] #Coolcodename: i meant offensive
[12:37] 3d: like if u go chomp + terrain
[12:37] 3d: u need stuff lie
[12:37] 3d: slowbro
[12:37] georgebowserjr1: Stomping tantrum is funny
[12:38] #Yellow Paint: yeah nvm then
[12:38] 3d: to pivot into and teleport out
[12:38] 3d: like if we go
[12:38] memegodv2: if theres gterrain then chomp will do half with eq
[12:38] 3d: bulu mel slowbro chomp
[12:38] 3d: we're basically just making the xray team
[12:38] georgebowserjr1: however, im thinking zapdos because We need something for kartana
[12:38] +Dorron ☆: we need a ground for sure but there's the terrain problem
[12:38] sufys12: xray team with bulu over rilla lol
[12:38] 3d: yea
[12:38] MNMSO Robin: js 2 know are WShops js for ou?
[12:38] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: This is for OU
[12:39] 3d: hm, instead of zapdos
[12:39] #Coolcodename:
[12:39] 3d: i think we deal w kart well enough
[12:39] 3d: w latios mel and volcanion
[12:39] 3d: i think bulky volcanion
[12:39] 3d: is the best set anyway
[12:39] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: with that Melm set?
[12:39] +Dorron ☆: eq with terrain
[12:39] @tsyon✿: eq when hh exist
[12:39] #Coolcodename: didn't make evs
[12:39] #Coolcodename: oh right eq mb
[12:39] sufys12: nah melm just runs high horsepower
[12:39] #Coolcodename: should be high horse power
[12:40] #Coolcodename: or superpower
[12:40] 3d: k so
[12:40] georgebowserjr1: yeah idk about scarf latios and toxtect melm dealing with scarf kart
[12:40] 3d: we need a ground type + a fs abuser
[12:40] sufys12: superpower is also possible yes, especially since u got fs support
[12:40] +Dorron ☆: shifu could abuse fs
[12:40] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: could nidoking do both
[12:40] #Coolcodename: what bulu do we run on this?
[12:40] Barracades: maybe max hp canion
[12:40] 3d: ye max hp
[12:40] 3d: volc
[12:40] 3d: for sure
[12:40] memegodv2: maybe sd bulu?
[12:40] drop a burn: Is lefties bulu a thibg that could work here?
[12:40] memegodv2: idk
[12:40] drop a burn: Thing*
[12:40] Barracades: im thinkin we run lefties sd bulu
[12:40] sufys12: volcanion would be max hp
[12:40] Ricardogorepro2: Lmao i went and looked at my workshop
[12:40] sufys12: would it be defog canion
[12:40] Barracades: Toxic cc leech sd
[12:40] 3d: yea sufys12
[12:40] Ricardogorepro2: Tyranitar + blissey
[12:40] Ricardogorepro2: Lol 2 votes only
[12:40] 3d: with boots
[12:40] Barracades: defog canion ye
[12:40] @tsyon✿: lefties bulu is a thing
[12:41] Ricardogorepro2: I am surprised i had 2 votes actually
[12:41] #Coolcodename: mono cc bulu
[12:41] #Coolcodename: tf sz
[12:41] +Dorron ☆: is specs zapdos a thing here in ou?
[12:41] #Coolcodename: yes
[12:41] memegodv2: yea
[12:41] sufys12: leech cc is fine
[12:41] sufys12: leech being horn leech ofc
[12:41] 3d: yea
[12:41] #Coolcodename: oh thought he meant leech seed
[12:42] 3d: ..
[12:42] 3d: LOL
[12:42] memegodv2: imagine it being leech seed lol
[12:42] +Dorron ☆: lmao
[12:42] sufys12: lmao
[12:42] #Coolcodename: i was so confused
[12:42] memegodv2: leech seed would suck
[12:42] 3d: leech seed was cool in SM
[12:42] 3d: so u never folded to ash gren
[12:42] 3d: but it was still pretty bad
[12:42] 3d: anyway
[12:42] 3d: someone suggested nidoking
[12:42] #Coolcodename:
[12:42] 3d: as the 5th slot
[12:43] 3d: to abuse fsight + be a ground
[12:43] memegodv2: yea
[12:43] 3d: but idk how good
[12:43] 3d: nidoking as a rocker is
[12:43] #Coolcodename: assuming we'll like change volca spread
[12:43] sufys12: you also need a rocker
[12:43] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: It's ok as a rocker but not great
[12:43] memegodv2: and what is the f sight setter?
[12:43] sufys12: and idt nidoking is good there
[12:43] Ricardogorepro2: Guys can i get tips on something?
[12:43] 3d: latios
[12:43] #Coolcodename: i think sz said
[12:43] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Moreso what I don't like with Nido is that it's a bad Heatran and Zapdos switch
[12:43] memegodv2: oh latias
[12:43] #Coolcodename: normal gem boom lando
[12:43] sufys12: cos you want aoa on nido generally
[12:43] 3d: yea
[12:43] @tsyon✿: rocker on nido means you give up a coverage
[12:43] #Coolcodename: i think normal gem boom works here
[12:43] Ricardogorepro2: So this literally happend to me, did i do something wrong?
[12:43] 3d: normal gem boom works here for sure
[12:43] 3d: cuz
[12:44] 3d: we're not gonna try to play
[12:44] 3d: the long game with landot in terrain
[12:44] 3d: we just want it to get up rocks and force progress
[12:44] 3d: for latios + our fsight breaker
[12:44] 3d: gonna be a dark type most likely
[12:44] 3d: spdef uturn could work too but
[12:44] 3d: its a lot easier to pressure that and get rocks off
[12:45] Barracades: why not bisht
[12:45] Barracades: we have a strong beat up
[12:45] 3d: bisharp or weavile last slot is what i was thinking
[12:45] Barracades: and bish benefits from grassy
[12:45] #Coolcodename: hmm true bisharp doesn't seem bad
[12:45] Barracades: so that gives it precedence over weav
[12:45] Ricardogorepro2: So no tips-
[12:45] sufys12: yea you suggested bisharp earlier
[12:45] #Coolcodename: sry we in the middle of a workshop
[12:45] @tsyon✿: there is a workshop going on rn ricardo ask after
[12:45] @MurderousMantyke: o shoot this is the workshop
[12:45] @MurderousMantyke: i thought this was just a really invested rmt
[12:45] #Coolcodename: yes lol
[12:45] +Dorron ☆: lol
[12:45] #Coolcodename: i mean
[12:46] #Coolcodename: that kinda is what a workshop is anyways
[12:46] #Coolcodename: LOL
[12:46] @MurderousMantyke: ye fair lmao
[12:46] memegodv2: what is rmt
[12:46] 3d: hmm
[12:46] +Dorron ☆: rate my team
[12:46] @MurderousMantyke: no thanks
[12:46] memegodv2: oh
[12:46] 3d: bisharp in terrain is nice
[12:46] 3d: and bisharp + fsight
[12:46] 3d: runs through stall
[12:46] 3d: easily
[12:46] memegodv2: yea
[12:46] #Coolcodename: mhm
[12:46] +Dorron ☆: eq boom turn rocks gem lando?
[12:46] #Coolcodename: nah knock>turn
[12:46] +Dorron ☆: fine
[12:46] 3d: really
[12:46] Ricardogorepro2: Nah i am sorry workshop for me is too confusing
[12:46] memegodv2: boom?
[12:46] 3d: i think uturn is fine
[12:47] Ricardogorepro2: Idk what am i even doing here-
[12:47] #Coolcodename: i like knock more personally
[12:47] @tsyon✿: yeah u turn seems like it works better here
[12:47] sufys12: you're boom so u don't need u turn really
[12:47] #Coolcodename: mainly my point
[12:47] memegodv2: theres so many messaes i dont even understand lol
[12:47] #Coolcodename: but ig u don't always boom
[12:47] 3d: idk uturn is nice on boom sets in my expeirence
[12:47] #Coolcodename: so it make sense
[12:47] 3d: since ur not always gonna boom yea
[12:47] +Dorron ☆: im not using explosion if a corv is switching in
[12:47] #Coolcodename:
[12:47] #Coolcodename: we can decide on that later
[12:47] 3d: yea exactly
[12:48] #Coolcodename: so far looking good 3d barracades? did i miss smth
[12:48] memegodv2: why boom gem?
[12:48] sufys12: what is the latios even for
[12:48] +Dorron ☆: what's the speed invest for
[12:48] @tsyon✿: immdeiate pressure on a lot of stuff memegod
[12:48] memegodv2: latios is for f sight
[12:48] 3d: its future sight + faster than scarf kart
[12:48] #Coolcodename: speed is for
[12:48] #Coolcodename: timid washtom and nido
[12:48] memegodv2: oh
[12:48] 3d: i mean
[12:48] #Coolcodename: timid as in max speed timid
[12:48] 3d: wouldn't we wanna outspeed
[12:48] sufys12: 3d couldn't you go latias > latios and then you get access to healing wish idk
[12:49] 3d: jolly drill too
[12:49] +Dorron ☆: why dont we make it 220 so it outspeeds 100 base
[12:49] Barracades: oh
[12:49] 3d: scarf latias
[12:49] Barracades: use my special melm spread
[12:49] 3d: future sight hwish
[12:49] 3d: hmmm
[12:49] #Coolcodename: what is it sz?
[12:49] 3d: idk if thats strong enough
[12:49] 3d: but hwish sounds cool
[12:49] 3d: wdyt Barracades
[12:49] Barracades: 248 hp, 96 defense, 124 spdef, 40 speed, impish nature
[12:49] #Coolcodename: ok ok ty
[12:49] Barracades: naww we goin fs ice beam psychic trick
[12:49] Barracades: we dont need hw
[12:49] 3d: oh yea true
[12:49] sufys12: cool
[12:50] 3d: i dont like our landot
[12:50] 3d: being slower than jolly drill tho
[12:50] +Dorron ☆: 232 Spe instead of 216 Spe then
[12:50] #Coolcodename:
[12:50] sufys12: cant you just go max max on lando idk what the hp is for
[12:50] #Coolcodename: well actually good point
[12:50] 3d: yea i was thinking that too
[12:51] #Coolcodename: the hp isn't too good anyways
[12:51] +Dorron ☆: and what was the 216 atk for
[12:51] +Dorron ☆: and we might want to go after other landos for slow uturn?
[12:51] #Coolcodename: this is better
[12:52] #Coolcodename: 4 evs on lando t mb there i forgot
[12:52] sufys12: Barracades do you have a bulu spread
[12:52] 3d: nah Dorron i think we just wanna go fast
[12:52] 3d: so we just boom on those landos
[12:52] 3d: if anything
[12:52] +Dorron ☆: sounds legit
[12:52] Barracades: we can go 216 attack, 40 defenses, 252 speed jolly
[12:52] #Coolcodename: what does it do?
[12:53] Barracades: The 40 in defense lets u take 2 banded strikes from shifu iirc
[12:53] #Coolcodename: ah ok cool
[12:53] #Coolcodename: do you have a good
[12:53] #Coolcodename: volcanion spread?
[12:53] Barracades: you want jolly for the timid creepers
[12:53] +Dorron ☆: i dont get it
[12:53] +Dorron ☆: how does two or three strikes make a difference
[12:53] Barracades: canion should always go 248 hp 252 spatk modest, 8 defense
[12:53] 3d: Dorron
[12:53] 3d: he means
[12:53] 3d: 2 hits
[12:53] Barracades: Thats its best spread
[12:53] #Coolcodename: avoids 2hit ko i think
[12:53] 3d: so 6 strikes
[12:54] Barracades: live lando eq ko back, live +2 lucha
[12:54] #Coolcodename: is what he meant
[12:54] +Dorron ☆: oh ok
[12:54] #Coolcodename: ah aight
[12:54] #Coolcodename: u sure we don't run
[12:54] #Coolcodename: a bit of speed tho
[12:54] +Dorron ☆: how does it live a whole surging strikes
[12:54] 3d: living lando eq is pretty imporatnt
[12:55] 3d: cuz it lets u play it differently
[12:55] 3d: out of terrain
[12:55] Barracades: naww we need 0 speed
[12:55] Barracades: on canion
[12:55] Barracades: legit lives everything
[12:55] Barracades: even chomp eq
[12:55] #Coolcodename: we can outspeed
[12:55] Barracades: and occasionally drill eq
[12:55] Barracades: if its jolly
[12:55] #Coolcodename: relaxed dnite with 4 speed evs
[12:55] Barracades: it lives ddrill eq
[12:55] 3d: what is
[12:55] #Coolcodename: rn we just tie
[12:55] Barracades: relaxed dnite has 0 usage so its fine
[12:55] #Coolcodename: ok good point lmao
[12:56] 3d: and its not doing anything
[12:56] 3d: ever
[12:56] #Coolcodename: here we are
[12:56] 3d: and we cant do anything to it
[12:56] sufys12: is that it then
[12:56] +Dorron ☆: oh 40 def in bulu
[12:56] #Coolcodename: i believe that should be team 1
[12:56] +Dorron ☆: i thought you meant lando
[12:56] #Coolcodename: any last changes?
[12:57] 3d: u-turn over knock
[12:57] 3d: imo
[12:57] sufys12: Coolcodename oh you build how many teams in this
[12:57] Barracades: u turn>knockoff
[12:57] #Coolcodename: usually takes longer than this for one
[12:57] Barracades: on lando
[12:57] #Coolcodename: we build 2
[12:57] Barracades: The whole purpose of the lando is to act as a defensive pivot, then boom lategame
[12:57] #Coolcodename: but from this we can build like 3 or 4 at this point
[12:57] Barracades: so u turn>knock on lando
[12:57] #Coolcodename: aight then will change uturn
[12:58] 3d: ye i got time
[12:58] Barracades: we have knock on bisharp and trick on latios so lando knock is counterproductive
[12:58] #Coolcodename: i also missed nature on volca
[12:58] 3d: for a couplemore teams
[12:58] #Coolcodename: mb there
[12:58] 3d: we go modest
[12:58] 3d: ye
[12:58] #Coolcodename: u wanna go knockless bisharp on this barracades?
[12:58] #Coolcodename: never seen that shit
[12:59] 3d: ?
[12:59] sufys12: Barracades how do u pivot with an uninvested lando (bulk-wise)
[12:59] 3d: its typing
[12:59] 3d: lets it be a pivot
[12:59] +Dorron ☆: means that having knock on bisharp means we no longer need it in lando
[12:59] 3d: scarf landot is a pivot
[12:59] 3d: w uturn
[12:59] 3d: even w 0 bulk
[12:59] #Coolcodename: wait
[12:59] sufys12: oh thats a good point ya
[12:59] #Coolcodename: i am blind
[12:59] #Coolcodename: didn't see the part at the end
[12:59] 3d: elec immune ground immune
[12:59] 3d: intimidate
[12:59] 3d: and good natural bulk
[12:59] 3d: ur living most things if ur relatively healthy
[13:00] 3d: koko is scared to attack
[13:00] 3d: so is zera
[13:00] #Coolcodename: this looks good? shall we test it a bit
[13:01] 3d: yea looks cool
[13:01] +Dorron ☆: yeah testing sounds good
[13:01] 3d: it MUs well vs rain and stall
[13:01] 3d: very important when laddering
[13:01] @tsyon✿: ye
[13:01] #Coolcodename: we can either ask sz to enter a ladder game or two
[13:02] #Coolcodename: or we can test it in a private battle
[13:02] 3d: me and Barracades can play
[13:02] 3d: each other
[13:02] #Coolcodename: ur guys choice really
[13:02] 3d: to test it out
[13:02] #Coolcodename: aight yea cool
[13:02] 3d: probably better than a random ladder game
[13:02] sufys12: ye for sure
[13:02] #Coolcodename: 100%
[13:02] #Coolcodename: which ever one of u wants to use it
[13:02] #Coolcodename:
[13:03] #Coolcodename: posted it twice mb
[13:03] @MurderousMantyke: looks flames
[13:04] @MurderousMantyke: o shoot cg Waves
[13:04] #Coolcodename:
[13:04] #Coolcodename: testing match
[13:05] +Dorron ☆: what does the team do
[13:05] +Dorron ☆: against blacephalon?
[13:05] Ducky: gz on g@ waves
[13:05] #Coolcodename: i mean we have sucker bish
[13:06] Opnoob 598: Congratulations on mod MurderousMantyke
[13:06] #Coolcodename: and a max hp volca
[13:06] Opnoob 598: Tho I'm late but w/e
[13:06] @MurderousMantyke: ty op
[13:06] #Coolcodename: so isn't impossible imo
[13:06] Opnoob 598: Ah Waves became g mod from driver too
[13:06] Ricardogorepro2: Sorry to say something unrelated but which was the move with 90% to paralyze the target?
[13:06] Opnoob 598: Gratz gratz
[13:06] +Dorron ☆: none to my knowledge
[13:06] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Thunder Wave does currently
[13:06] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: But I'm not sure what you mean by was
[13:06] Ricardogorepro2: Thanks
[13:06] +Dorron ☆: yeah it technically does
[13:07] Ricardogorepro2: I want to give it to my blessey
[13:07] Ricardogorepro2: Blissey*
[13:08] Opnoob 598: Am I allowed to post teams from any tier here?
[13:08] Opnoob 598: Like ag/ou/1v1/ubers etc?
[13:08] Ricardogorepro2: Yes you are, has long has you want tips or advice
[13:08] #Coolcodename: unrelated but i love sz's team with the double double dance latis
[13:08] #Coolcodename: beats each other's checks for each other
[13:08] Opnoob 598:
[13:08] Geysers: someone said ag?
[13:08] Geysers: oh
[13:08] Opnoob 598: Yes i did
[13:08] Opnoob 598: Oh hey Geysers
[13:08] Opnoob 598: Didn't know u were here too ahah
[13:08] Geysers: uh relying on lo etern as your ogre check
[13:08] Geysers: is hella sketchy
[13:09] Ricardogorepro2: Guys if grass is resistant against water why did a greninja almost oneshot my rillaboom
[13:09] #Coolcodename: Opnoob 598 we are in the middle of an event rn
[13:09] @tsyon✿: geysers can you take it to pms
[13:09] Geysers: scarf ogre is just gonna roll you if you're not careful
[13:09] Geysers: oh soz
[13:09] #Coolcodename: so we ain't raiting stuff rn
[13:09] #Coolcodename: take it to pms
[13:09] Opnoob 598: Oh soz
[13:09] Opnoob 598: Okay
[13:09] #Coolcodename: np
[13:09] @MurderousMantyke: bc specs gren is strong Ricardogorepro2
[13:10] akuracy: hey guys
[13:10] Ricardogorepro2: Oh-
[13:10] Opnoob 598: What's the event going on rn may i ask?
[13:10] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: /announce An OU Workshop is ongoing, for the time being please do not post anything unrelated
[13:10] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: ok that didn't work
[13:10] akuracy: i cant send in my team
[13:10] akuracy: hewp me
[13:10] @MurderousMantyke: you arent autoconfirmed
[13:10] 3d: ok
[13:10] 3d: scarf lati
[13:10] @MurderousMantyke: atm we arent rating teams anyhow since we're doing a workshop
[13:10] 3d: is actually really nice
[13:10] @tsyon✿: yeah
[13:10] 3d: it shits on HO hard
[13:10] 3d: gets past +1 chomp
[13:10] akuracy: oh
[13:10] 3d: and scarf kart
[13:10] Barracades: so yall see scarf latios is nice af
[13:10] sufys12: scarf lati seems cool
[13:11] #Coolcodename: good showcase here
[13:11] #Coolcodename: anyways we will being team 2 now
[13:11] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Mantyke, how do I make the announcement a room event
[13:11] @tsyon✿: really good stuff
[13:11] Barracades: it also outspeeds timid kart and kills it
[13:11] @MurderousMantyke: !h announcement
[13:11] /announcement allows rooms to run their own announcements. These announcements are limited to one announcement at a time per room.
Accepts the following commands:
/announcement create [announcement] - Creates a announcement. Requires: % @ # &
/announcement htmlcreate [announcement] - Creates a announcement, with HTML allowed. Requires: # &
/announcement timer [minutes] - Sets the announcement to automatically end after [minutes]. Requires: % @ # &
/announcement display - Displays the announcement
/announcement end - Ends a announcement. Requires: % @ # &
[13:11] sufys12: okay what core is team 2 around
[13:11] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: ty
Moderated chat was set to @!
Only users of rank @ and higher can talk.
[13:11] (Coolcodename set modchat to @)
[13:11] #Coolcodename: time for the 2nd vote
[13:11] @tsyon✿: yeah it does by 3 points barracades
[13:12] #Coolcodename: if ur core didn't make it then you are not allowed to resubmit
[13:12] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Rip Heracross
[13:12] #Coolcodename: to keep it fresh
[13:12] #Coolcodename: /announce dm me with submissions
[13:12] @tsyon✿: oh we finally doing new cores instead of th eold ones
[13:12] @tsyon✿: bless
[13:15] @MurderousMantyke: did we rly have to set modchat that high tho lol
[13:15] #Coolcodename: no not really
[13:15] #Yellow Paint: prob unnecessary
[13:15] #Coolcodename: eh whatever
[13:15] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Ccn, l2c
[13:15] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: (Learn to command)
[13:16] @MurderousMantyke: l2m (learn to moderate)
[13:16] #Yellow Paint: I do agree that this is prob the best time to use modchat during workshop
Moderated chat was set to +!
Only users of rank + and higher can talk.
[13:16] (MurderousMantyke set modchat to +)
[13:16] +Dorron ☆: freed
[13:16] #Yellow Paint: trying to parse suggestions from chat would be harder
[13:16] @tsyon✿: ccn demoted from ro y/y
[13:17] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Do it
[13:17] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: You're an admin
[13:17] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: oh wait Ironwater is
[13:17] @tsyon✿: bold of you to assume that
[13:17] @MurderousMantyke: nah only gadmin can demote
[13:17] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: You're both green..
[13:17] @tsyon✿: that's greenist
[13:18] Coolcodename used /poll create Blacephalon+Aegislash, Victini+Tapu Koko, Zygarde-10%+Tornadus-t, Hydreigon+Garchomp, Slowking-g+Rotom-wash, CM Reuniclus
[13:18] A poll was started by Coolcodename.
[13:18] #Coolcodename: well...
[13:19] (The poll was ended by Coolcodename.)
 Poll ended 2 votes Blacephalon+Aegislash
1. Victini+Tapu Koko (1 vote)
2. Zygarde-10%+Tornadus-t (1 vote)
3. Hydreigon+Garchomp (0 votes)
4. Slowking-g+Rotom-wash (0 votes)
5. CM Reuniclus (0 votes)
[13:19] #Coolcodename: ywt
[13:19] #Coolcodename: i will send u list teach me how to do this shit
[13:19] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Alr
[13:19] +Dorron ☆: !h poll
/poll allows rooms to run their own polls (limit 1 at a time).
Polls can be used as quiz questions, by putting + before correct answers.
/poll create [question], [option1], [option2], [...] - Creates a poll. Requires: % @ # &
[13:21] yOuRwElCoMeThAnk used /poll create Pick the next core for today's workshop, Blacephelon+Aegislash,Victini+Tapu Koko,Zygarde-10%+Tornadus-T,Hydreigon+Garchomp,Slowking-Galar+Rotom-Wash,Calm Mind Reuniclus
[13:21] A poll was started by yOuRwElCoMeThAnk.
[13:22] @MurderousMantyke: ghost spam is always fun
[13:24] +suloxiv: cm reuni is not a core but i love reuni
[13:24] #Coolcodename: if u guys want a reason not to vote for it
[13:24] #Coolcodename: it's tyson's idea
[13:25] #Coolcodename: also just so u know cores are suggested but individual mons can be submitted too
[13:25] #Coolcodename: core is just faster building overall and easier than thinking of one on the spot
[13:25] +suloxiv: oh ok awesome
[13:27] #Coolcodename: well it's tied so far
[13:27] #Coolcodename: gonna give it a bit more
[13:27] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Someone break the tie
[13:28] @tsyon✿: seems like no one wants to break the tie
[13:28] #Coolcodename: gonna give it 2 more mins if it's the triple tie still
[13:28] #Coolcodename: i will !pick it
[13:30] (The poll was ended by Coolcodename.)
 Poll ended 15 votes Pick the next core for today's workshop
1. Blacephelon+Aegislash (3 votes)
2. Victini+Tapu Koko (2 votes)
3. Zygarde-10%+Tornadus-T (3 votes)
4. Hydreigon+Garchomp (2 votes)
5. Slowking-Galar+Rotom-Wash (2 votes)
6. Calm Mind Reuniclus (3 votes)
[13:30] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: three way tie
[13:30] #Coolcodename: no one wanted to break tie so
[13:30] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: wooo
[13:30] #Coolcodename: !pick Blace+Aegi, Zydog+Torn-t, CM Reuni
We randomly picked: Blace+Aegi
[13:30] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: woo
[13:31] @MurderousMantyke: W
[13:31] @tsyon✿: as long as it wasnt zydog im good
[13:31] #Coolcodename: aight it's this ig
Moderated chat was disabled!
Anyone may talk now.
[13:31] (Coolcodename set modchat to off)
[13:31] sufys12: rip
[13:31] #Coolcodename: LOL i was out if zydog won
[13:31] CM Reuni: nooo
[13:31] #Coolcodename: dorron unviable
[13:31] +Dorron ☆: nooooo
[13:31] akuracy: freedom :)
[13:31] @tsyon✿: well the core is aegi + blace
[13:31] @tsyon✿: ghost spam
[13:31] #Coolcodename: 3d barracades u guys here?
[13:31] #Coolcodename: core blace aegi
[13:31] +Dorron ☆: zydog was fire
[13:31] 3d: yea im here
[13:32] sufys12: the fact that i couldn't resubmit is so so sad
[13:32] sufys12: i really wanted hera + slowbro
[13:32] #Coolcodename: tbh
[13:32] yOuRwElCoMeThAnk used /announcement create There's an ongoing OU Workshop, please do not make any unrelated posts this explains what workshops are if you're curious
[13:32] (An announcement was started by yOuRwElCoMeThAnk.)
[13:32] #Coolcodename: if u resubmitted it prob would have won
[13:32] #Coolcodename: i like the idea but i cannot be biased
[13:32] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Heracross+Slowking
[13:33] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Missed chance
[13:33] sufys12: !
[13:33] @tsyon✿: this aint ioa !!
[13:33] sufys12: should have done that lmao
[13:33] #Coolcodename: LOL
[13:33] #Coolcodename: at this rate we might go to team 3 so u might have a shot but idk
[13:33] 3d: nah i gotta go
[13:33] 3d: at 2
[13:33] 3d: 27 min
[13:33] #Coolcodename: oh rip
[13:34] #Coolcodename: we'll finish this up and we're done then
[13:34] #Coolcodename:
[13:34] sufys12: ghostspam without pult. imagine
[13:34] #Coolcodename: it do be the sz idea after all
[13:35] 3d: kk so
[13:35] 3d: most important thing
[13:35] #Coolcodename: yea we should start
[13:35] #Coolcodename: we need a good way to deal with
[13:35] #Coolcodename: weav imo
[13:35] 3d: the perfect partner for these types of cores
[13:35] 3d: is urshiuf
[13:35] 3d: switches into all these dark types
[13:35] #Coolcodename: ye deals with weav ttar
[13:35] 3d: uturns out of shit like slowbro
[13:35] 3d: rilla
[13:36] #Coolcodename: while not slowing momentum
[13:36] 3d: clef
[13:36] 3d: ye
[13:36] @tsyon✿: hell yeah
[13:36] #Coolcodename: i think we can try like
[13:36] #Coolcodename: pads shifu
[13:36] #Coolcodename: scarf blace
[13:36] #Coolcodename: and specs aegi
[13:36] 3d: scarf blace is garbage
[13:36] @tsyon✿: finally someone understands
[13:36] 3d: its so weak
[13:36] #Coolcodename: :sob:
[13:36] 3d: and while its speed is nice
[13:36] 3d: it already blufs
[13:36] 3d: bluffs scarf
[13:36] 3d: naturally
[13:36] #Coolcodename: fair
[13:37] 3d: like nobody is leaving in pult vs blace t4
[13:37] #Coolcodename: scarf shifu?
[13:37] Barracades: hmm
[13:37] 3d: we'll see
[13:37] @tsyon✿: was thinking more like spell tag aegi and specs clown
[13:37] Barracades: okay what about kart shifu
[13:37] 3d: why kart
[13:37] Barracades: like we can go specs blace, scarf kart, pads shifu
[13:37] #Coolcodename: so like
[13:37] Barracades: lando weav
[13:37] 3d: scarf kart is pretty nice on these types of teams
[13:37] #Coolcodename: aegi would be our lele check
[13:37] Barracades: ye
[13:38] deskeedee(alt): ue
[13:38] @MurderousMantyke: mixed aegi is super fun
[13:38] Barracades: 240 hp, 252 spatk, 16 speed aegi
[13:38] Barracades: modest
[13:38] Barracades: specs
[13:38] @tsyon✿: so then sub tox
[13:38] @tsyon✿: oh
[13:38] 3d: do we go weavile
[13:38] 3d: hmm
[13:38] Barracades: shadowball flashcannon
[13:38] Barracades: steelbeam sneak
[13:38] #Coolcodename: steel beam les go
[13:38] @tsyon✿: thats how you feeling
[13:38] #Coolcodename: someone who understands the set
[13:38] Barracades: we can go glastrier
[13:38] #Coolcodename: LOL wtf
[13:38] 3d: glastier
[13:38] Barracades: like sd ice horse
[13:38] Barracades: is nice
[13:38] 3d: LOL
[13:38] Barracades: on this
[13:38] 3d: we need a
[13:38] 3d: dark type tho
[13:38] Barracades: hmm tru
[13:38] 3d: and a ground type
[13:39] deskeedee(alt): weav?
[13:39] Barracades: how bout umbreon
[13:39] 3d: i like umbreon
[13:39] 3d: more than weav
[13:39] drop a burn: What about mandi
[13:39] 3d: we already have so much breaking power
[13:39] 3d: wedont need mandi
[13:39] 3d: we have landot
[13:39] Barracades: lando umbreon/pult aegi kart blace shifu
[13:39] drop a burn: Missed that mb lol
[13:39] 3d: umbreon is nice as a knock absorber too
[13:39] Barracades: lando aegi pult kart core is goodd without a dark
[13:39] 3d: for kart
[13:39] Barracades: i can confirm
[13:39] Barracades: what if we go bandpult specs aegi
[13:39] @tsyon✿: so aegi and lando is our kart answer?
[13:39] 3d: and umbreon
[13:39] 3d: hm
[13:40] 3d: sd kart kinda mogs
[13:40] Barracades: lando turn into scarf kart
[13:40] #Coolcodename: wait wait
[13:40] Barracades: we can use muscle band pult
[13:40] #Coolcodename: so no blace?
[13:40] 3d: nah we need
[13:40] 3d: to keep blace
[13:40] 3d: for the core
[13:40] #Coolcodename: yea
[13:40] @tsyon✿: this is the core ye
[13:40] #Coolcodename: we can't get rid of it
[13:40] Barracades: dragon darts u turn suckerpuunch flame, muscle band pult, specs blace
[13:40] 3d: triple ghost
[13:40] Barracades: we can even test sd aegi
[13:40] #Coolcodename: oh u mean over
[13:40] Barracades: pads fu
[13:40] #Coolcodename: tana?
[13:40] Barracades: scarf kart
[13:41] #Coolcodename: triple ghost sounds like some
[13:41] Barracades: lando pult blace aegi kart shifu
[13:41] #Coolcodename: sz shit for sure
[13:41] 3d: im down to make this team full HO triple ghost
[13:41] #Coolcodename: sounds fire
[13:41] 3d: if anything is replaceable
[13:41] 3d: its pult
[13:41] Barracades: we could even have specs aegi as breaker, go scarf blace, and have kart be sd timid
[13:41] Barracades: or shifu scarf icepunch
[13:41] 3d: i think we need
[13:41] 3d: a ghost resist
[13:41] 3d: that isnt spdef landot
[13:41] @tsyon✿: gmolt
[13:41] 3d: gmolt is fire
[13:41] #Coolcodename: gmolt sounds
[13:41] Barracades: i rly like gmolt
[13:41] #Coolcodename: good
[13:42] #Coolcodename: i like it yah
[13:42] 3d: gmolt over pult
[13:42] 3d: is actually perfect
[13:42] 3d: fits the HO
[13:42] @tsyon✿: also slightly better mu for kart
[13:42] #Coolcodename: i am rlly liking
[13:42] Barracades: so lando aegi kart shifu gmolt blace
[13:42] #Coolcodename: np taunt these days
[13:42] Barracades: i fuck with that
[13:42] 3d: my question is
[13:42] #Coolcodename: shits on stall
[13:42] 3d: do we go
[13:42] Barracades: naww coolcodename we got a better set
[13:42] 3d: soft sand landot
[13:42] Barracades: restochesto
[13:42] #Coolcodename: rest?
[13:42] #Coolcodename: ah
[13:42] #Coolcodename: yea that good too
[13:42] deskeedee(alt): if were going HO wouldnt we want screens or hazards
[13:42] Barracades: fierywrath agility plot rest
[13:42] 3d: not necessarily deskeedee(alt)
[13:42] Barracades: so use this spread for gmolt
[13:43] Barracades: 160 hp, 96 speed, 252 spatk modest
[13:43] Barracades: lives everything
[13:43] 3d: that shit lives everything
[13:43] 3d: yea
[13:43] #Coolcodename: kk
[13:43] 3d: we gotta go
[13:43] 3d: offensive landot
[13:43] 3d: since we have gmolt
[13:43] #Coolcodename: sounds good
[13:43] 3d: sd rocks eq uturn maybe
[13:43] 3d: er
[13:43] 3d: not sd
[13:44] 3d: hmm
[13:44] 3d: we're going SD aegi or kart?
[13:44] #Coolcodename: i'll be honest
[13:44] #Coolcodename: double rocks weak mons
[13:44] #Coolcodename: with no fog feels weird
[13:44] 3d: we need scarf shifu/kart
[13:44] #Coolcodename: but ig this is more
[13:44] 3d: kartana canbe fog
[13:44] #Coolcodename: ho
[13:44] #Yellow Paint: it's not boots blace?
[13:44] #Coolcodename: oh fog tana
[13:44] #Yellow Paint: oh
[13:44] #Coolcodename: i think we decided on specs
[13:44] #Coolcodename: not certain
[13:45] #Coolcodename: lot of shit happened
[13:45] 3d: ok
[13:45] 3d: we have the 6
[13:45] 3d: lets actually decide sets
[13:45] 3d: shifu/kart has to be scarf
[13:45] 3d: im leaning towards kart cuz it means we can go defog
[13:45] @tsyon✿: kart preferabbly
[13:45] #Coolcodename: i think
[13:45] @tsyon✿: ye
[13:45] #Coolcodename: pads shifu
[13:45] #Coolcodename: scarf tana fog
[13:45] @tsyon✿: mhm
[13:45] 3d: pads taunt shifu works really well here yea
[13:45] 3d: we have the molt set
[13:45] 3d: with kart being scarf
[13:45] 3d: i think we should go sd aegi
[13:45] #Coolcodename: what set for sd aegi?
[13:46] #Coolcodename: just standard
[13:46] 3d: yea just stabs
[13:46] #Coolcodename: cc claw sneak
[13:46] 3d: nah we need
[13:46] 3d: iron head for
[13:46] 3d: unaware clef
[13:46] sufys12: have you got a paste
[13:46] #Coolcodename: ah alr
[13:46] #Coolcodename: working on it rn
[13:47] #Coolcodename: 3d shadow claw over sneak or cc?
[13:47] 3d: what is cc for
[13:47] 3d: ferro?
[13:47] #Coolcodename: ferro mainly yah
[13:47] #Coolcodename: also nice into mel
[13:47] sufys12: heatran
[13:47] deskeedee(alt): so mxed specs on the aegi
[13:47] #Coolcodename: nah sd
[13:47] 3d: i think
[13:47] 3d: we would rely on aegi to break stall more
[13:48] 3d: than we would for it to kill mel
[13:48] deskeedee(alt): been a while since ive heard sd
[13:48] #Coolcodename: fair
[13:48] 3d: ferro is whatever
[13:48] 3d: since we're offensive landot
[13:48] #Coolcodename: we have no worries into stall
[13:48] #Coolcodename: now
[13:48] 3d: and people leave it in a lot
[13:48] #Coolcodename: with rest gmolt
[13:48] #Coolcodename: and sd aegi
[13:48] 3d: yea
[13:48] 3d: playing vs stall without future sight can get annoying
[13:48] 3d: esp w only 1 breaker
[13:48] #Coolcodename:
[13:48] 3d: so having 2 + taunt shifu
[13:48] 3d: is cool
[13:48] #Coolcodename: 3d can u lmk the exact lando spread
[13:48] #Coolcodename: also barracades wdyt
[13:49] 3d: im tryna think of
[13:49] 3d: if we go soft sand max attack
[13:49] deskeedee(alt): on that lando we should go spdef imo
[13:49] 3d: or sd spdef
[13:49] Barracades: Taunt>overheat on blace
[13:49] #Coolcodename: taunt on specs blace
[13:49] #Coolcodename: ngl
[13:49] #Coolcodename: sounds fire
[13:49] 3d: u trick it away anyway
[13:49] 3d: more times than u click
[13:49] 3d: ovferheat
[13:49] deskeedee(alt): fair
[13:49] @MurderousMantyke: feel like im tricking scarf more than specs
[13:50] #Coolcodename: we were considering scarf
[13:50] #Coolcodename: but realized
[13:50] @tsyon✿: cause scarf is overrated
[13:50] #Coolcodename: it hits like a wet noodle
[13:50] deskeedee(alt): well shouldnt we just cgo taunt over click at that point 3d
[13:50] 3d: ?
[13:50] #Coolcodename: u mean trick?
[13:50] @MurderousMantyke: click?
[13:50] Jozimastar95: Anyone good at vgs ?
[13:50] deskeedee(alt): yea mb
[13:50] 3d: no because u trick something like blissey as it comes in
[13:50] 3d: then taunt it
[13:50] deskeedee(alt): gotcha
[13:50] #Coolcodename: jozimastar95 read the announcement pls
[13:51] 3d: its good late game
[13:51] 3d: insurance too
[13:51] sufys12: how often do these workshops happen
[13:51] #Coolcodename: so uh barracades 3d soft sand lando shit or
[13:51] Jozimastar95: Lol i gurss
[13:51] 3d: yea i think soft sand landot is the move
[13:51] 3d: max atk max speed
[13:51] Barracades: soft sand is nice
[13:51] 3d: i wonder what our last move is tho
[13:51] 3d: eq uturn rocks
[13:51] #Coolcodename: sufys12 not too often tbh
[13:52] #Coolcodename: but will pick back up once
[13:52] #Coolcodename: sv releases
[13:52] #Coolcodename: we do all kinds of tiers not only ou
[13:52] sufys12: oh okay that's cool
[13:52] #Coolcodename:
[13:52] #Coolcodename: aight bois this good?
[13:53] 3d: i think knock off is fine idk tho
[13:53] 3d: wdyt Barracades
[13:53] Barracades: remove fog on kartt
[13:53] Barracades: use smart strike
[13:53] Barracades: and have fog on landdo
[13:53] Barracades: over knock
[13:53] 3d: fog rocks lando
[13:53] 3d: u think so
[13:53] Barracades: Trust me kart is never clickin fog in offensive mus
[13:53] #Coolcodename: i don't love fogs rocks lando but ig
[13:54] Barracades: The team would cave
[13:54] #Coolcodename: it is better than tana
[13:54] 3d: alr yea that works
[13:54] 3d: we'll test this out too
[13:54] 3d: but it looks very solid
[13:54] #Coolcodename:
[13:54] #Coolcodename: i love it yah
[13:54] 3d: the only thing is i hate blacephalon but it is apart of the core
[13:54] #Coolcodename: why'd sz have to suggest blace
[13:55] #Coolcodename: man rlly suggested it and immediately wanted to replace it with pult LOL
[13:55] #Coolcodename:
[13:55] #Coolcodename: testing
[13:55] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: No Ghost resist
[13:55] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: Rigged?
[13:56] #Coolcodename: maybe
[14:01] Barracades: spdef rotom w w twave
[14:01] (The announcement was ended by yOuRwElCoMeThAnk.)
[14:01] Barracades: ghost resist in ddisguise
[14:01] Barracades: as yall saw
[14:01] 3d: that shit lived
[14:01] 3d: +1
[14:01] 3d: specs shadow ball
[14:01] #Coolcodename: aight
[14:01] #Coolcodename: lemme get final past
[14:01] @yOuRwElCoMeThAnk: You know how to get the chatlog, Ccn?
[14:02] #Coolcodename: