Steps for OMTour (adapted from Wigglytuff's steps for RoA Tour)
1. Obtain the OP for the post in the OM Livetour thread from berryrock. 
2. Post the post in the OM Livetour thread at the time the tour is supposed to start.
3. Post the post link in the Other Metagames room on PS, the lobby of Smogtours, and in the tournaments channel in the Other Metagames discord. Tag the corresponding role to the metagame that is being played, as well as the OM Livetour role (if TI ends up approving this part, idk if he wants pings). Make sure to remind interested players that games will be played on smogtours, and new rounds will be posted in the smogtours lobby chat.
4. After 7-10 minutes, you should know the size of the tournament by counting the amount of participants. We are aiming for 16, 24, 32, or 36 participants, with a minimal amount of byes. Try and pick the largest number with the smallest amount of substitutes, or if you're close to a larger number, try posting one more time (without pinging) in the Showdown room or tournaments channel / lobby channel on discord. 
5. While signups are coming in, write down all of the participant's names in a notepad or word document, so that they can easily be copypasted into the bracketmaker. There is no need to include @ at the beginning of their names. Put the names into the bracketmaker ( and it should generate round 1 for you. Copy and paste the BBCode for use on forum box, and edit your post to include round 1. Post the link to the post in the smogtours lobby, alongside a message that says round 1 of the tournament is up! 
6. As games finish and people start PMing you if they won or lost, select the winners under the Pairing title on the bracketmaker. 
7.  If someone says their opp is offline or not responding check that this is true and sub someone in after 5-10mins (round 1 only) if possible. Otherwise give them a bye. 
8. If there are 1-2 matches still going on but the rest is finished, you can already post the next round to speed up the tour.
9. Repeat the previous couple steps until the tour is complete. Make sure to keep adding the new rounds to your post announcing the tour, and make sure to bold winners so that berryrock can go back through the tours and add them to the spreadsheet.
10. When the tour is complete, make another post in the thread stating that the tour is complete, and post the finals replay. Remember to congratulate the winner in the post!