Lickilicky @ Leftovers
Ability: Oblivious
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Careful Nature
- Wish
- Protect
- Body Slam / Dragon Tail / Knock Off
- Heal Bell / Toxic
Additional Moves: Curse
Additional Items: Normalium Z
-Lickilicky is the tier's premier Wish passer. An impressive Base 110 HP allows Lickilicky to pass large Wishes, and incredible special bulk gives Lickilicky the ability to sponge attacks from the likes of Rotom-Frost, Beheeyem, and Manectric.
-Oblivious is used over other abilities because it ensures Lickilicky is unaffected by Taunt. Cloud Nine may be used if rain or sun teams are too big of an issue, but it is almost always inferior to Oblivious.
-Body Slam is used to help Lickilicky become less passive by dealing damage and to spread Paralysis to cripple the opposing team. Dragon Tail can be used over Body Slam to phaze out slow setup sweepers such as Musharna, Taunt Vigoroth, and Muk. However, Lickilicky is commonly paired with Pyukumuku, who has the ability Unaware to bypass stat boosts, so Body Slam is sometimes more useful. Knock Off is a third option, giving Lickilicky the ability to hit Misdreavus, as well as removing Leftovers to more easily stall out foes.
-Heal Bell solidifies Lickilicky as the tier's best cleric, as few Pokemon can effectively run Heal Bell in their sets. Moreover, because Lickilicky is best on defensive teams, Heal Bell is necessary support to clear away status. Normalium Z with Heal Bell protects Lickilicky from being Tricked by Choice Scarf Rotom-Frost and Mr. Mime. Z-Heal Bell also has the added bonus of fully healing Lickilicky, but is very inefficient compared to the passive recovery of Leftovers. 
-If a teammate already has Heal Bell, Toxic may be used to better stall out foes. Most notably, Toxic allows Lickilicky to beat Taunt Vigoroth and cripple opposing teams.
-Offensive sets and mixed offensive sets should not be used as Silvally completely outclasses any niche Lickilicky can hope to fill. However, Lickilicky can pull off a very nihce Curse Rest-Talk to beat other slow setup sweepers such as Vigoroth or Muk.