Sand braviary:
Tyranitar Excadrill = turn1: Max knuckle the excadrill and follow me, let indeedee faint, HH + max knuckle doesnt OHKO dynamax tyranitar!
turn2: get in exacdrill and go for EQ, opponents excadrill doesnt OHKO your since you got sash, max knuckle the tyranitar now and go for EQ with excadrill.
You should be able to win now since you got one more turn of dynamax where you can go for max airstream etc.
Braviary worst case scenario is excadrill = turn1 = max knuckle + follow me to proc kee berry, which should make you able to survive even high horsepower + max airstream
turn 2 = Helping hand max airstream the braviary to OHKO it, you should be fine from this moment

Duraludon indeedee:
Max knuckle + mystical fire the duraludon, max lightining should do about 40~% max now, next turn go for helping hand max knuckle to finish the dynamaxed duraludon off!

Hard TR:
You got quite speedy torkoal with choice specs, which makes you able to outspeed things like minimum speed rhyperior, mudsdale, hatterene, reuniclus, ...
Indeedee hatterene/TR setter = go for full powered eruption and put indeedee to sleep (wide lens sleep powder got 82.5% accuracy) to prevent some psychics shenanigans, specs eruption OHKOs every hatterene and easily OHKOs those pesky bronzongs
alternativelly, you could go for max ooze + heat wave, since opponent can try to not go for follow me or goes for dynamax with hatterene , +1 Satt heat wave has comperable power to eruption, with max ooze chip you might be even able to KO hatterene!
Tailwind stuffs:
watch out for reverse Trick room , since its very common on these team (mimikyu)
your torkoal should underspeed everyting anyways, even with the little speed investment!

Troublesome pokemon:
charizard (have no SE move, sun boosted heat wave KO hatterene) > shoudl got for some max airstreams with hawlucha to outspeed and 2HKO it even in TW (hawlucha gets speed boost)
Jellicent (only vileplume hits it for SE, strength sap is very annooying) > vileplume torkoal or torkoal in the back should make you able to exert aenough pressure, just prase opponent doesnt have something like jolly scarf darmanitan...
Chandelure (is immune to torkoal, has great resistances vs vileplume, distrupting the normal hard TR plan) > Lead with excadrill indeedee to KO it before it gets TR, have hatterene and torkola in the back to possibly leech off hard TR if chandy has redirection!

Possible upgrades:
something that deals with pokemon above, gyarados is great candidate since it also has power whip for bulyk waters like jellicent and milotic, try it with lum berry so it can also annoy arcanine with will-o-wisp
Iron head on hawlaucha can be swapped for thunderpunch, which exerts extra pressure on bulyk waters, charizard and even braviary (!), although even at +1, it still doesnt KO braviary after max knuckle chip, keep that in mind