NFE SpDef Cleric (Lickitung) @ Eviolite  
Ability: Oblivious  
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD  
Careful Nature  
- Wish  
- Protect  
- Heal Bell 
- Seismic Toss / Knock Off 
Optional Move(s):
- Amnesia
- Body Slam
- Chip Away
- Curse
- Dragon Tail
- Earthquake
- Rest
- Toxic
Optional Item(s):  
- N/A
Optional Ability:  
- N/A
Optional EV/IV(s):
- 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD (Impish)
Overview: With access to Wish and Heal Bell, Lickitung carves a solid niche for itself as a cleric. It is able to reliably pass Wish thanks to Oblivious, which means it isn't susceptible to Taunt. However, due to its poor offensive stats and its role as a cleric, it is extremely passive, allowing for Pokemon such as Servine and Monferno to switch into it and use it as setup fodder. It is also very slow and reliant on two turn healing, which means that strong attackers and wallbreakers can overwhelm it.
SpDef Cleric: This spread lets Lickitung reliably switch into and check common special attackers such as Roselia, Kadabra, Electabuzz, and Frogadier. Wish allows Lickitung to keep both itself and its teammates healthy. Protect, in conjunction with Wish, lets Lickitung heal itself more reliably, which increases its longevity as a specially defensive wall. Heal Bell removes any status conditions from Pokemon on the same team. Seismic Toss allows Lickitung to deal some damage and chip opposing Pokemon for its teammates. Knock Off helps to solidify Lickitung’s role as a support Pokemon, giving it the option to remove Eviolite from common bulky switch-ins. 
Checks and Counters: Fighting-types such as Machoke, Monferno, and Combusken can easily switch into Lickitung's attacks and threaten to either set up on or heavily weaken it. Due to its passive nature, Pokemon such as Servine, Hakamo-o, Munchlax, and Fraxure can set up on it. Outside of being a cleric, these Lickitung sets offer virtually no offensive pressure, which means that any Pokemon with reliable recovery, such as Clefairy, Roselia, and Staravia, are able to shrug off Seismic Toss chip damage, although the aforementioned Pokemon dislike having their Eviolite removed. 
Optional EV/IV(s): An alternative spread of 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD with an Impish nature can be used for both a physically defensive cleric set and for the Curse, Amnesia, Rest, and Chip Away set. The physically defensive cleric set lets Lickitung better switch into physical attacks from Pokemon like Alolan Grimer, Staravia, and Metang, at the cost of taking more damage from special attackers.
The Curse Amnesia set serves as a late-game bulky wincon, capable of stalling out and beating teams once the Ghost- and Fighting-types have been removed. This set does face competition from Munchlax, who boasts a higher HP stat. However, Lickitung is immune to Taunt and Encore.