Best ship of 2019 (bonus points for providing a reason why)
🐪+🐸  (ggopw+toad)
5luke + 5luke bc he qt
Again hard to argue Rosa's shop wasn't the best. Got paid by everyone, backed up orders, welcoming. was nice
BlazeX Doggo POsts
Boat because he's a Boat?
Boat because he’s the only ship
Boat cuz he’s a boat 
boat, he's a ship
deg and osra ( cute+cute=unlimited cuteness <3)
Deg And Shyom (BroMance intensifies)
dom + proxies because he uses them more than a person uses their hands
"dom x kardistry king - you know why :)"
dom×KardistryKing(irl couple)
Dragonite and suspect test 

Elo bandit and 4-0ing SM BO7
Elo Bandit x KyuB
ggopw & toad
Ggopw and me(bonus points are not worth revealing our true love)
ggopw and potatoad. These two are the only remaining members of their species.
ggopw and toad (they always talk about gay sexing each other)
Gym Socks & YECH E: memers and true madlads
Honestly I didn’t even know there were girls in this tier ?
I didnt have any ship hope i will have at 2020
I think I'm obligated to put myself as the best ship, I'm an actual Boat.  but to answer the real question, i'll go ahead and say the best ship is Quote osra

Idk what this means

Kid A & some other bot (because why not)
Lady Monita and The Welsh Wall

Lkjc + Plant Based: Too cute <3 or smthing
lkjc and part because lkjc said so
lkjc and plant based
Lkjc x plant based

Lrxc and Lkjc (I didn't know the difference between them but I doubt that qualifies as a valid reason) 
Maki and Ravonne, Maki said he loves Ravonne
me :^) (you get the point)
Me and Kaif because we started hating each other and it eventually sprouted in a sexually tense friendship full of both unconditionate love and absolute hatred

me and lkjc bc we're super cute together and play like every day
"Me and plant based, We’re a hot couple"
Me and solarflare cuz we never played a game without ghosting

Me and synon (copious amounts of love)
moto x kaif (mafia awards 2018)
Nalei and deg 

no I will not no thanks 
not vg jungle
ok now this is just weird
orsa and milk do i need a reason?
osra and milk because uwu
Osra and the 1v1 community. Let's be real here this doesn't need a reason 
Osra x Milk 

phiwings99 (get it? because boat! lmao)
phiwings99 because a boat is a ship
phiwings99 cuz he a boat
phiwings99... literally the only boat in 1v1 ahahaha... (ggopw x toad for life tho)
Pickle x Rick

Pokesartoolcay and Not being relevant

Pokesartoolkay to voice; He's been steadily getting himself engaged with the community in a way no one else has, plus he has improved his behaviour loads and loads, even better than most current voices 
Quote x osra, since it didn't manage to kick off even after getting all those votes last year. Gonna have to start it this year.
ryyjyywyy and z moves. aint nobody talks that much about something without having a crush on it. over-compensation by saying how much he hates them too :flushed:
S.S. Anne heheh
Shyom and deg because Shyom jokes and they're both dead (I miss Shyom (。ŏ﹏ŏ))
Snom and Pyukumuku. Cute as fuck


Tda x bot (cuz its funny how often they fight)
The best ship of 2019 is Symphony of the seas. The 25th ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, Symphony of the Seas is currently the world’s largest cruise ship. The giant cruise ship has 228,081 gross registered tons, measures 238 feet tall and spans 1,188 feet long. Symphony of the seas is termed as the ultimate family’s vacation destination with bold lineup of energy-filled, heart-pumping experiences. The largest cruise ship in the world offers the chance to go head-to-head in a glow-in-the-dark laser tag adventure, take the plunge down the Ultimate Abyss – the tallest slide at sea towering 10 stories high – or soak up some sun after getting drenched on epic waterslides and FlowRider surf simulators. 
the titanic
Toad and me(bonus points are not worth revealing our true love) 
Uhh quote and osra I havent seen any other ship else

uhh tda and atti bc they both like zam lol
Vg + Waylaid, I mean duh
VG+Waylaid look so cute together they both do swim and live in Cali <3
Waylaid, Waylaid, Waylaid, Waylaid, Waylaid, Waylaid, and Waylaid. Baleblaze fans seem to have a lot in common.
What does shop mean,gonna assume you mean person1+person2.Tony Hawk+Rodney Mullen,beat skaters ever
what is that lol
xsc x landorus-t, lando died just before they got sick of each other. it’s a perfect love story.
yami and ggopw: it’s basically the plot of a bad anime