NFE Swords Dance (Combusken) @ Firium Z  
Ability: Speed Boost  
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Jolly Nature  
- Swords Dance 
- Flare Blitz
- Brick Break / Sky Uppercut 
- Thunder Punch / Protect 

NFE Special KFC (Combusken) @ Fightinium Z / Life Orb
Ability: Speed Boost  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Fire Blast  
- Focus Blast  
- Protect  
- Hidden Power [Grass]
Optional Move(s): 
- Bulk Up
- Defog
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Mirror Move
Optional Item(s): 
- Electrium Z 
- Eviolite
- Flyinium Z
Optional Ability: 
- N/A
Optional EV/IV(s):  
- 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe (Adamant)
- 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe (Modest)
Overview: With a solid offensive typing, setup and Speed Boost, Combusken can act as a good wallbreaker or late-game cleaner. It faces slight competition from Monferno, since Monferno can set up on both the physical and special side, has priority and has much a stronger physical Fighting STAB attack. However, Combusken still carves itself a solid niche in the metagame and is a very threatening Pokemon.
Swords Dance: On the physical set, Swords Dance boosts Combusken's Attack. Flare Blitz hits Grass- and Steel-types such as Roselia, Servine, Ferroseed and Metang for super effective damage and hits most neutral targets hard after a boost. Both Brick Break and Sky Uppercut serve as a useful secondary STAB attack to hit Flare Blitz resistant targets such as Monferno, Sliggoo and Fraxure hard or to pick off weakened Pokemon without incurring recoil damage. Thunder Punch hits Water-types such as Mareanie, Prinplup and Wartortle hard after a boost. Protect lets Combusken accumulate Speed Boosts to outspeed faster threats such as unboosted Electabuzz, Frogadier, Haunter and Kadabra safely. Firium Z gives Combusken a one-time nuke against a bulky Pokemon without recoil.
Special KFC: On the special set, Fire Blast hits physically defensive Grass- and Steel-types such as Quilladin, Ferroseed, Metang, Pawniard and Tangela hard. Focus Blast hits Fire-resistant Dragon- and opposing Fire-types such as Monferno, Fraxure, Magmar and Gabite hard. Hidden Power Grass is primarily for Marshtomp. However, it can pick off weakened Water-types or other Pokemon without the risk of missing an attack. Fightinium Z provides a strong 100% accurate attack against super effective and neutral targets, while Life Orb boosts the power of all of Combusken's attacks. Jolly and Timid Combusken sets outspeed Pokemon such as unboosted Electabuzz, Frogadier, Haunter and Kadabra after one Speed Boost. Adamant and Modest sets have more power but do not outspeed the aforementioned threats at +1.
Checks & Counters: Mareanie walls all Combusken sets barring the rare Electrium Z lure and has the ability to consistently check Combusken throughout a game thanks to Regenerator and recovery. Lampent similarly walls all non-Electrium Z sets since it is immune to both of Combusken's STABs. Bulky physically defensive Water-types such as Prinplup, Wartortle and Marshtomp are capable of tanking a +2 Z Move and revenge-killing it in return. Special Combusken lacks setup and is therefore easier to check. Pokemon such as Clefairy, Togetic and Duosion can effectively check special Combusken sets. Focus Sash Kadabra cannot switch into but can revenge kill all Combusken sets and Choice Scarf Frogadier can revenge kill even +2 Speed Combusken.