Authentic - Ignores Substitute - Example: Sound moves, Taunt
Bite - Powered up by Strong Jaw - Example: Fishious Rend, Crunch
Bullet - Blocked by Bulletproof - Example: Rock Blast, Sludge Bomb
Charge - Moves with a charge turn - Example: Sky Attack, Solar Beam
Contact - Moves that make contact, affected by Tough Claws, Rocky Helmet, Iron Barbs, etc. - Example: Tackle, Play Rough, Grass Knot
Dance - Moves copied by Dancer - Example: Quiver Dance, Revelation Dance
Defrost - Moves that thaw the user if frozen - Example: Scald, Flame Wheel
Gravity - Moves that can't be used when Gravity is active - Example: Fly, Jump Kick
Heal - Moves that heal the user and are blocked by Heal Block - Example: Roost, Draining Kiss
Mirror - Can be copied by Mirror Move - Most moves that target another Pokémon have this flag
Powder - Moves that Grass-types, Pokémon with Overcoat, and Pokémon holding Safety Goggles are immune to - Example: Sleep Powder, Powder
Protect - Moves that can be blocked by Protect - Any move that targets another Pokémon is assumed to have this flag
Pulse - Moves that are boosted by Mega Launcher - Example: Aura Sphere, Water Pulse, Heal Pulse
Punch - Moves that are boosted by Iron Fist - Example: Drain Punch, Meteor Mash
Recharge - Moves with a recharge turn - Example: Hyper Beam, Giga Impact
Reflectable - Can be bounced by Magic Bounce and Magic Coat - Status moves that target another Pokémon are assumed to have this flag
Snatch - Can be stolen by Snatch - Status moves that target the user are assumed to have this flag
Sound - Moves that are boosted by Punk Rock and deal no damage to Pokémon with Soundproof - Example: Boomburst, Overdrive, Perish Song