[12:39 PM] Nails: it'll start in like 10 mins
[12:39 PM] Nails: imo
[12:39 PM] Ultraballz: Did they contact you?
[12:40 PM] Nails: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/569968920929370122/574636492572327936/unknown.png
[12:40 PM] Nails: i have to
[12:40 PM] Nails: finish this hearthstone game
[12:40 PM] Nails: lol.
[12:41 PM] Nails: v important business being conducted at this time
[12:42 PM] Ultraballz: Okay cool glad we at least aren’t getting activitied
[12:44 PM] Nails: imagine drawing flamestrike
[12:45 PM] Nails: so this game would end
[12:45 PM] Ultraballz: I can semi ghost from phone as well like xray unless i start getting yelled at lmao
[12:45 PM] Nails: nice
[12:45 PM] Nails: just topdecked flamestrike
[12:46 PM] Nails: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/569968920929370122/574637958477381667/unknown.png
[12:46 PM] Ultraballz: Bop
[12:46 PM] Nails: it deals 4 to every enemy
[12:46 PM] Nails: and my opp had a bigass board
[12:46 PM] Nails: of dudes of approximately 4 health
[12:48 PM] Nails: nice he forfeited
[12:48 PM] Nails: aight starting
[12:50 PM] Ultraballz: Cool gl!!
[12:50 PM] Nails: theres like
[12:50 PM] Nails: no point to starting a call right
[12:50 PM] Nails: :feelsentei:
[12:50 PM] Ultraballz: Probs not lol i def cant call
[12:50 PM] Ultraballz: Next week tho!!
[12:51 PM] Nails: id have to record it too
[12:51 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah so this is better anyways
[12:51 PM] Nails: http://smogtours.psim.us/battle-gen7ou-439934
[12:51 PM] Nails: they have the tork
[12:52 PM] Nails: grassz is hella useless
[12:52 PM] Nails: Flossed Over's team:
Torkoal / Bronzong / Cresselia / Magearna / Mawile / Tapu Bulu
[12:52 PM] Nails: but tran still goes in as shit
[12:52 PM] Ultraballz: Tran rapes yeah
[12:52 PM] Ultraballz: So does lati depending on the gear
[12:52 PM] Nails: i think i just lead tran and start clicking fire
[12:53 PM] Ultraballz: They are tr tho
[12:53 PM] Nails: ye ik
[12:53 PM] Ultraballz: So like rocks up aint bad either
[12:53 PM] Nails: he led mag
[12:53 PM] Nails: vs tran
[12:54 PM] Nails: up or fire
[12:54 PM] Ultraballz: Just fire
[12:54 PM] Ultraballz: Whats his switch anyways
[12:55 PM] Nails: idfk
[12:55 PM] Nails: i am worried about mag having like
[12:55 PM] Nails: focus blast
[12:55 PM] Nails: or fight z
[12:55 PM] Nails: or some shit
[12:55 PM] Ultraballz: We live unless fight z yeah idk
[12:55 PM] Nails: cuz otherwise he forgot his heatran checks
[12:55 PM] Nails: like
[12:55 PM] Ultraballz: Maybe worth to go
[12:55 PM] Nails: i think we need the tempo
[12:55 PM] Ultraballz: Idk our team is so weak to this lmfao
[12:55 PM] Nails: so i don't wanna cover for it
[12:55 PM] Ultraballz: If its fight z
[12:56 PM] Ultraballz: I say eff it
[12:56 PM] Ultraballz: Click magma
[12:56 PM] Nails: but yea we can't afford tran dying
[12:56 PM] Nails: it's been clicked for 2 mins
[12:56 PM] Nails: -
[12:56 PM] Ultraballz: Rofl yeah i mean offensive can kill gear anyways
[12:56 PM] Nails: to complete that thought
[12:56 PM] Nails: we can't afford tran dying without getting a hit on mag
[12:56 PM] Ultraballz: Right
[12:56 PM] Ultraballz: Rocks is never the play
[12:57 PM] Nails: cuz this comes down to tempo
[12:57 PM] Ultraballz: Magma is fine I think
[12:57 PM] Nails: and he really just
[12:57 PM] Nails: well ok he dodged
[12:57 PM] Nails: and tr is up
[12:57 PM] Ultraballz: Wtf
[12:57 PM] Ultraballz: Stupid play
[12:57 PM] Nails: i think i rocks here?
[12:57 PM] Ultraballz: We can go latias here too if we really wanna scout fight z
[12:58 PM] Nails: is that a common set
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: He isnt fluering
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah semi common
[12:58 PM] Nails: ah
[12:58 PM] Nails: i feel like we're super back foot if he volts to maw
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: Lati also covers his switch
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: True
[12:58 PM] Nails: like then we pivot pex
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: He shouldn’t be volt tho w tr
[12:58 PM] Nails: ah
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: But his teams stupid
[12:58 PM] Ultraballz: So idfk
[12:59 PM] Nails: i buy lati in that case
[12:59 PM] Nails: tho i feell like volt'd make sense
[12:59 PM] Ultraballz: We can also pex
[12:59 PM] Nails: ok i clicked lati
[12:59 PM] Ultraballz: Now which is fine
[12:59 PM] Nails: he still hasnt clicked
[12:59 PM] Nails: he gigavolted
[12:59 PM] Nails: -
[12:59 PM] Ultraballz: Rofl
[1:00 PM] Nails: im so good
[1:00 PM] Ultraballz: Dude wtf these ppl are terribad
[1:00 PM] Ultraballz: Just go back to tran i think. Or pex
[1:00 PM] Ultraballz: But we dont wanna stay in
[1:00 PM] Nails: pex imo
[1:00 PM] Nails: there's the focus blast
[1:00 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah keeping tran healthy is good
[1:00 PM] Nails: up
[1:01 PM] Nails: is where they are going
[1:01 PM] Ultraballz: Imagine if he took 90 from magma
[1:01 PM] Ultraballz: Smh
[1:01 PM] Nails: ok he fleur cannoned my pex
[1:01 PM] Nails: as i tspiked
[1:01 PM] Ultraballz: We win now
[1:01 PM] Nails: 1 turn of TR left
[1:01 PM] Ultraballz: Just scald
[1:01 PM] Ultraballz: Imo
[1:01 PM] Nails: yea i dont need to tran
[1:01 PM] Ultraballz: Its super free
[1:01 PM] Nails: even tho
[1:01 PM] Nails: i rly want to
[1:01 PM] Nails: hmm
[1:02 PM] Ultraballz: Pex doesn’t let anything in really if he cresses to get room up
[1:02 PM] Ultraballz: You tran and rocks
[1:02 PM] Nails: yea i dont need to greed
[1:02 PM] Nails: pex just chills
[1:02 PM] Nails: for years
[1:02 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah he cant immediately threaten it with anything
[1:02 PM] Nails: he went zong
[1:02 PM] Ultraballz: Tran rocks
[1:02 PM] Nails: do i not bulu first
[1:02 PM] Nails: and then tran
[1:02 PM] Nails: because eq
[1:03 PM] Nails: like he trick rooms
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: These dont run eq as far as i know its like rock room gyro explode
[1:03 PM] Nails: o
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: But i agree your way
[1:03 PM] Nails: lit.
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: Is safer
[1:03 PM] Nails: but
[1:03 PM] Nails: yeah
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: But on ladder thats the only set i see on tr
[1:03 PM] Nails: ima cover for eq
[1:03 PM] Ezrael: i would go chomper here
[1:03 PM] Nails: cuz i don't think i get very punished
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah we win unless we super throw
[1:03 PM] Nails: and it just burns an extra turn of tr
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: So its better
[1:03 PM] Ultraballz: To be safe
[1:04 PM] Nails: he put em up
[1:04 PM] Ultraballz: Now tran
[1:04 PM] Nails: y
[1:04 PM] Ultraballz: Fosho
[1:04 PM] Ultraballz: He is def rooming then idk what he does
[1:04 PM] Nails: hypno if real
[1:04 PM] Nails: he went
[1:04 PM] Nails: maw
[1:04 PM] Ultraballz: Throw out a mon i guess lmao
[1:04 PM] Nails: room is: not up
[1:04 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah we are good just magma
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: Rofl
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: Just rocjs
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: Its better
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: He cant do shit to us
[1:05 PM] Nails: can't he like
[1:05 PM] Nails: brick break or some shit
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: On tr its nearly always sd knock sucker
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: But just magma
[1:05 PM] Nails: ok but
[1:05 PM] Nails: yea
[1:05 PM] Nails: magma is still a 0 punish play
[1:05 PM] Ultraballz: He loses a mon
[1:05 PM] Nails: from everything on his team
[1:06 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah lol
[1:06 PM] Nails: and we're still in "if we don't lose we win" territory
[1:06 PM] Ultraballz: They said we need three ppl minimum so food thing ez said that line
[1:06 PM] Nails: bulu dodged
[1:06 PM] Nails: -
[1:06 PM] Ultraballz: Bruh
[1:06 PM] Ultraballz: This tran
[1:07 PM] Ultraballz: Hmm
[1:07 PM] Nails: i think i can lati? or does +2 hammer kill it
[1:07 PM] Nails: hmm
[1:07 PM] Ultraballz: We are faster and can kill him if its banded and he clicks wood hammer we have no switch
[1:07 PM] Nails: nah i can't risk lati
[1:07 PM] Ultraballz: Lati will die
[1:07 PM] Nails: ye
[1:08 PM] Ultraballz: If its that
[1:08 PM] Nails: i need it for tork
[1:08 PM] Ultraballz: So just hit imo
[1:08 PM] Nails: yea it's lookin like this is the one i hit
[1:08 PM] Nails: ok i hit
[1:08 PM] Nails: -
[1:08 PM] Ultraballz: Ez
[1:08 PM] Ultraballz: We should hit all the last 6 for averages
[1:08 PM] Nails: i reckon
[1:09 PM] Ultraballz: Rocks
[1:09 PM] Nails: i magma storm the bronzong
[1:09 PM] Nails: hmm
[1:09 PM] Nails: u make a compelling case though
[1:09 PM] Ultraballz: Actually that works too i guess
[1:09 PM] Ultraballz: But like what can this do
[1:09 PM] Nails: nah i can stall the tr
[1:09 PM] Nails: and rocks are nice
[1:09 PM] Ultraballz: Where we can’t just magma next turn
[1:09 PM] Ultraballz: Which is why I like rocks now
[1:09 PM] Nails: rocks and tr are up
[1:10 PM] Nails: what do u reckon the line is
[1:10 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah so like we can just magma i think
[1:10 PM] Nails: aight
[1:10 PM] Nails: well
[1:10 PM] Nails: nah
[1:10 PM] Nails: i wanna pex
[1:10 PM] Ultraballz: Okay but torkoal can spin
[1:10 PM] Ultraballz: Free
[1:10 PM] Nails: im not tryin to have my mon that hard wins the game
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Which is lame
[1:11 PM] Nails: yea but it gets poisoned
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: I agree yeah
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: And we can but it back up
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Well actually
[1:11 PM] Nails: im not tryin to lose the game on tran getting quaked
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Nvm
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah
[1:11 PM] Nails: when we have
[1:11 PM] Nails: bigass lead
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Good call.
[1:11 PM] Nails: he was eq
[1:11 PM] Nails: -
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: And tspike only hits one mon left lmao
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Why didn’t he click it before
[1:11 PM] Nails: cuz i
[1:11 PM] Nails: am amazing
[1:11 PM] Nails: at pkmn
[1:11 PM] Ultraballz: Lmao
[1:12 PM] Nails: we eat boom
[1:12 PM] Nails: so ima just recover
[1:12 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah fosho
[1:12 PM] Ultraballz: Even if it crits or something not end of the world
[1:12 PM] Nails: confession
[1:12 PM] Nails: i didn't actually calc it
[1:12 PM] Ultraballz: Just keep lando healthy so we can kill mawile
[1:12 PM] Nails: it might be a roll
[1:12 PM] Nails: -
[1:12 PM] Ultraballz: Nah
[1:12 PM] Ultraballz: Eq 200 bp 39
[1:13 PM] Ultraballz: Explosion 250
[1:13 PM] Nails: ye if it
[1:13 PM] Nails: min rolled
[1:13 PM] Nails: into max roll
[1:13 PM] Ultraballz: Doing like 45 proba
[1:13 PM] Ultraballz: True
[1:13 PM] Ultraballz: Then we complain
[1:13 PM] Nails: 252+ Atk Bronzong Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 124 Def Toxapex: 118-140 (38.8 - 46%)
[1:13 PM] Nails: 252+ Atk Bronzong Explosion vs. 252 HP / 124 Def Toxapex: 147-174 (48.3 - 57.2%)
[1:13 PM] Nails: it did min roll
[1:13 PM] Nails: -
[1:14 PM] Nails: but it'd still need
[1:14 PM] Nails: high roll
[1:14 PM] Nails: to kill
[1:14 PM] Nails: cancelled move
[1:14 PM] Nails: i'm slightly scared of him going maw
[1:14 PM] Nails: hmm
[1:14 PM] Nails: nvm i'm not
[1:14 PM] Nails: reclicked it
[1:15 PM] Nails: he went mag
[1:15 PM] Nails: ima
[1:15 PM] Nails: click scald for a while
[1:15 PM] Nails: and get bolted
[1:15 PM] Nails: actually
[1:15 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah scald
[1:15 PM] Nails: i get
[1:15 PM] Nails: a little bit bodied by mag
[1:15 PM] Ultraballz: Wait is his full set revealed?
[1:16 PM] Nails: tr tbolt focus fleur
[1:16 PM] Nails: ye
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: You eat this though so you can scald
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: Its spdef pex
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: If we burn its easy
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: We can also bulu
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: Since the only way to hit us gives him drops
[1:16 PM] Nails: 252+ SpA Magearna Thunderbolt vs. 252 HP / 132+ SpD Toxapex: 132-156 (43.4 - 51.3%)
[1:16 PM] Nails: nvm
[1:16 PM] Nails: we good
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: And are we bulky bulu?
[1:16 PM] Nails: i have to
[1:16 PM] Ultraballz: That gives us free sds
[1:16 PM] Nails: recover here
[1:17 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah
[1:17 PM] Nails: if i wanna stay in
[1:17 PM] Ultraballz: Wait
[1:17 PM] Nails: cuz he gets to double tbolt
[1:17 PM] Nails: due to tr wearing off
[1:17 PM] Ultraballz: Just bulu
[1:17 PM] Ultraballz: Are we tect sd?
[1:17 PM] Nails: does bulu actually threaten
[1:17 PM] Nails: y
[1:17 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah we win 1 v 1 super easily
[1:17 PM] Nails: 252+ SpA Magearna Fleur Cannon vs. 248 HP / 204+ SpD Tapu Bulu: 181-214 (52.7 - 62.3%)
[1:17 PM] Nails: oh we're
[1:17 PM] Nails: fat as shit
[1:17 PM] Nails: love bulu
[1:17 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah Lmfao
[1:18 PM] Ultraballz: If he was beam this would be a lot harder
[1:18 PM] Nails: i mean not rly
[1:18 PM] Ultraballz: Then lati walls
[1:18 PM] Nails: we still just have "jerk it in front of him with pex indefinitely"
[1:18 PM] Ultraballz: But we could get froze
[1:18 PM] Nails: k he bolted
[1:18 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah but crits paras are annoying
[1:18 PM] Ultraballz: Just sd imo
[1:18 PM] Nails: aight
[1:18 PM] Ultraballz: Then tect
[1:18 PM] Nails: n i'm not
[1:18 PM] Nails: giving him free switch
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: True
[1:19 PM] Nails: i'm hittin shit
[1:19 PM] Nails: he rooms
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: We can just leech at that pt or spower
[1:19 PM] Nails: we're wood hammer
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: Spower if he rooms
[1:19 PM] Nails: not leech
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: Oh wtf
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: Lmao sounds good to me
[1:19 PM] Nails: w8
[1:19 PM] Nails: i lied
[1:19 PM] Nails: lul
[1:19 PM] Nails: :uds:
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: Superpower at +2 imo
[1:19 PM] Ultraballz: If he rooms
[1:20 PM] Nails: his only +2 super switch in is cress
[1:20 PM] Nails: and then i leech that
[1:20 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah
[1:20 PM] Ultraballz: Ideally he clicks fleur here we can leech first to get health back then
[1:20 PM] Nails: y
[1:21 PM] Ultraballz: And super after since we still out speed everything
[1:21 PM] Nails: ok he fleured
[1:21 PM] Ultraballz: Good
[1:21 PM] Ultraballz: Just leech
[1:21 PM] Nails: y
[1:21 PM] Ultraballz: We need this healthy for gear anyways
[1:21 PM] Nails: he went zong
[1:21 PM] Nails: super kills
[1:21 PM] Nails: ima kill
[1:21 PM] Nails: it
[1:21 PM] Nails: i lied
[1:22 PM] Nails: super didnt kill
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: Rofl
[1:22 PM] Nails: im tecting i think? pex works too
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: Save this
[1:22 PM] Nails: hmm
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: Uh tect
[1:22 PM] Nails: this is last turn of grassy
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: No
[1:22 PM] Nails: i wanna go pex
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: Pex is better
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: In case he maws
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: Or something
[1:22 PM] Nails: ye
[1:22 PM] Nails: tect backfires hard on any sort of aggression
[1:22 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah
[1:22 PM] Nails: and if he booms then -1 def bulu is still a bad spot
[1:23 PM] Nails: ok he boomed
[1:23 PM] Ultraballz: Right
[1:23 PM] Ultraballz: Fine
[1:23 PM] Nails: this matchup could've been so much harder if he didn't crackhead his magearna
[1:23 PM] Ultraballz: We underslow maw I think? Actually doubt it
[1:23 PM] Nails: min speed maw is slower than us
[1:23 PM] Ultraballz: Imagine gear was dead turn 1
[1:24 PM] Nails: -
[1:24 PM] Ultraballz: Okay then i think we should always tran on maw
[1:24 PM] Ultraballz: To prevent sds
[1:24 PM] Ultraballz: If we take +2 sucker/knock
[1:24 PM] Ultraballz: Which idk
[1:24 PM] Nails: maw snowballing is def the only way we lose this
[1:25 PM] Ultraballz: Also when he cresses we can always tar to suit it
[1:25 PM] Ultraballz: Which is great since we are band
[1:25 PM] Nails: we dont even need to suit it
[1:25 PM] Nails: k he went maw
[1:25 PM] Ultraballz: Think we need to tran probs
[1:25 PM] Nails: can i lando
[1:25 PM] Ultraballz: You probably can lando first but you will die to prough
[1:25 PM] Ultraballz: W rooms still up
[1:26 PM] Nails: does tran eat +2 knock
[1:26 PM] Ultraballz: Lemme check
[1:26 PM] Nails: oh
[1:26 PM] Nails: it does
[1:26 PM] Nails: lit
[1:26 PM] Nails: im earth powering as shit
[1:26 PM] Nails: k he danced
[1:26 PM] Ultraballz: Sucker does more
[1:26 PM] Ultraballz: But epower for sure
[1:26 PM] Nails: oh
[1:26 PM] Nails: so it does
[1:27 PM] Nails: yea sucker kills
[1:27 PM] Nails: im goin lando
[1:27 PM] Ultraballz: If he knocks
[1:27 PM] Ultraballz: We will lose
[1:27 PM] Nails: if he knocks
[1:27 PM] Nails: tran eats +1 sucker
[1:27 PM] Nails: bc intim
[1:27 PM] Ultraballz: But this can get
[1:27 PM] Ultraballz: Hwish
[1:27 PM] Ultraballz: Lunar danced i mean
[1:27 PM] Ezrael: +1 sucker from bish?
[1:27 PM] Nails: mawile
[1:27 PM] Ultraballz: Mawile
[1:27 PM] Ezrael: ah
[1:27 PM] Ezrael: him
[1:27 PM] Nails: ok so whats our play
[1:28 PM] Nails: toss tran
[1:28 PM] Nails: then toss somethin else?
[1:28 PM] Ultraballz: I think pex sack
[1:28 PM] Nails: that feels
[1:28 PM] Nails: so bad
[1:28 PM] Nails: wtf
[1:28 PM] Ultraballz: We have haze
[1:28 PM] Ultraballz: We dont need pex for anything
[1:28 PM] Ultraballz: If we toss out lando or tran this is bad
[1:28 PM] Ultraballz: In the future
[1:28 PM] Nails: like
[1:29 PM] Nails: say he knocks pex
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: Right
[1:29 PM] Nails: how do we stall last turn of tr
[1:29 PM] Nails: sac smth else?
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: Oh
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: Nvm i thought
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: It was over
[1:29 PM] Nails: n
[1:29 PM] Sabella: My bad bros
[1:29 PM] Sabella: Was sleeping
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: Its fine help us win lmao
[1:29 PM] Nails: ^
[1:29 PM] Nails: http://smogtours.psim.us/battle-gen7ou-439934
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: I think epower is fine probs idfk
[1:29 PM] Ultraballz: Actually magma to actually kill it
[1:29 PM] Nails: i rly think
[1:30 PM] Nails: we go lando here
[1:30 PM] Ultraballz: If we lando on knock we are fooked
[1:30 PM] Nails: idts
[1:30 PM] Ultraballz: Okay lets go for it
[1:30 PM] Sabella: Hm
[1:30 PM] Nails: he danced
[1:30 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah
[1:30 PM] Nails: ima
[1:30 PM] Nails: go tar
[1:30 PM] Nails: i think?
[1:30 PM] Ultraballz: N sack pex
[1:31 PM] Sabella: Wb pex
[1:31 PM] Nails: i wanna haze
[1:31 PM] Ultraballz: For sure
[1:31 PM] Nails: next turn
[1:31 PM] Nails: cuz
[1:31 PM] Nails: +3 sucker
[1:31 PM] Nails: fucks us
[1:31 PM] Ultraballz: Just sack pex
[1:31 PM] Nails: and i wanna unboost it
[1:31 PM] Ultraballz: Go lando eq
[1:31 PM] Ultraballz: If we eat
[1:31 PM] Nails: +2 252+ Atk Huge Power Mawile-Mega Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 8 Def Landorus-Therian: 311-367 (97.4 - 115%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO
[1:31 PM] Nails: we fucking die
[1:31 PM] Nails: after 2nd intim
[1:31 PM] Ultraballz: Jesus
[1:31 PM] Ultraballz: I feel wout tar we cant kill cress
[1:32 PM] Ultraballz: We shoulda just atked that turn
[1:32 PM] Nails: we can pex thru cress
[1:32 PM] Nails: or bulu thru it
[1:32 PM] Nails: maw is the only threat
[1:32 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah whats our coverage move on tar
[1:32 PM] Nails: fire punch
[1:32 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah not good enough
[1:32 PM] Ultraballz: I agree go to it
[1:33 PM] Ultraballz: He will knock anways we can fire punch on the sack then haze w pex
[1:33 PM] Ultraballz: Assuming we are faster
[1:33 PM] Nails: ok they timered
[1:33 PM] Nails: he proughed
[1:33 PM] Nails: hazing
[1:34 PM] Ultraballz: Just scald spam?
[1:34 PM] Ultraballz: Actually no
[1:34 PM] Nails: recover here
[1:34 PM] Nails: but in general yes
[1:34 PM] Ultraballz: We win one v one rofl
[1:34 PM] Nails: yes.
[1:34 PM] Ultraballz: Kk we are good
[1:34 PM] Nails: thats why i didnt wanna toss pex.
[1:34 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah you are 100% correct
[1:34 PM] Nails: -
[1:35 PM] Nails: anyways they fucking suck so they're just gonna choke to timer or some shit
[1:35 PM] Nails: goin tran on cress
[1:35 PM] Ultraballz: For sure
[1:35 PM] Nails: and stormin
[1:36 PM] Nails: does lati take a billion from tork
[1:37 PM] Nails: ok tork died
[1:37 PM] Ultraballz: Lmfai
[1:37 PM] Ultraballz: Why was their a torkoal
[1:37 PM] Ultraballz: Anyways
[1:38 PM] Nails: goin bulu
[1:38 PM] Nails: imo
[1:38 PM] Ultraballz: Fair play if he goes maw
[1:38 PM] Ezrael: what the fuck is their team
[1:38 PM] Ultraballz: Whats our course of action
[1:38 PM] Nails: horn leech
[1:38 PM] Nails: if he fleurs we get tran in
[1:38 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah just sack and haze
[1:38 PM] Ultraballz: Sounds fair
[1:38 PM] Ultraballz: Or somethin
[1:38 PM] Nails: now i go tran
[1:39 PM] Nails: imo
[1:39 PM] Nails: now storm
[1:39 PM] Nails: the cress
[1:39 PM] Ultraballz: Grassium
[1:39 PM] Ultraballz: Now
[1:39 PM] Nails: ok cress died
[1:39 PM] Nails: goin pex
[1:39 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah pex is good
[1:39 PM] Ultraballz: Just try and make sure we can eq sweep w lando
[1:40 PM] Nails: he went maw
[1:40 PM] Nails: im amazing
[1:40 PM] Ultraballz: So no terrain
[1:40 PM] Ultraballz: Lol
[1:40 PM] Nails: scalding
[1:40 PM] Nails: ok he danced
[1:40 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah was assuming he would
[1:40 PM] Nails: tossing lati then protecting bulu i think?
[1:40 PM] Ultraballz: I was going to suggest haze till rooms were gone
[1:41 PM] Nails: i thought about it but didn't wanna get knocked. maybe it woulda been fine.
[1:41 PM] Ultraballz: Uh lati is useless yeah
[1:41 PM] Ultraballz: Toss
[1:41 PM] Nails: i think
[1:41 PM] Nails: he's knockless
[1:41 PM] Nails: anyways, to bulu
[1:41 PM] Ultraballz: Maybe its fire fang lol
[1:41 PM] Ultraballz: So pex super walls
[1:41 PM] Nails: i'm on 10s
[1:41 PM] Ultraballz: Just click
[1:41 PM] Ultraballz: Aways
[1:41 PM] Nails: y
[1:42 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah he is walled
[1:42 PM] Ultraballz: Fire fang
[1:42 PM] Ultraballz: Just scald spam
[1:43 PM] Ultraballz: And win w eq
[1:43 PM] Ultraballz: Spam recover
[1:43 PM] Ultraballz: On gear
[1:43 PM] Ultraballz: Toss out something
[1:43 PM] Ultraballz: Win w pex
[1:43 PM] Nails: didnt need
[1:43 PM] Nails: cuz i
[1:44 PM] Nails: managed tr turns well
[1:44 PM] Nails: -
[1:44 PM] Ultraballz: That worked fine as well
[1:44 PM] Ultraballz: Well i just didnt want pex crit or something cuz +2 could sucker through the rest
[1:44 PM] Nails: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen7ou-439934
[1:44 PM] Nails: he couldn't ever get +2 sucker
[1:44 PM] Ultraballz: Okay ill post great job nails
[1:44 PM] Nails: maw came out on last turn of tr
[1:44 PM] Ultraballz: Well crits
[1:44 PM] Nails: so it dances
[1:44 PM] Nails: and then i haze first
[1:45 PM] Ultraballz: Like if he crit pex on last turn
[1:45 PM] Ultraballz: Then sucker crit the two mons
[1:45 PM] Nails: he'd be +0
[1:45 PM] Ezrael: nice
[1:45 PM] Ezrael: we won
[1:45 PM] Ultraballz: Yeah crit kills both right?
[1:45 PM] Ezrael: go nick
[1:45 PM] Nails: i mean
[1:45 PM] Nails: if he double -1 sucker crits lando and tran
[1:45 PM] Nails: he was always winning
[1:45 PM] Nails: i think
[1:45 PM] Ultraballz: But yeah this was fine i think it didnt matter since he was knockless
[1:45 PM] Ultraballz: So pex always walled
[1:45 PM] Ultraballz: Regardless
[1:47 PM] Ultraballz: Im at my gfs so if someone wants to pokepaste our ghosting and post it with the win thatd be great or i can do it on laptop whenever i get home
[1:53 PM] Nails: i'm def including the part at the beginning
[1:53 PM] Nails: where i was taking 10 mins for the game to start
[1:53 PM] Nails: so i could finish my hearthstone game
[1:54 PM] Ultraballz: Lmao agreed
[1:59 PM] xray: Yo sry had to leave
[1:59 PM] xray: Did we win?
[1:59 PM] Ultraballz: Yes :]
[1:59 PM] Ultraballz: They brought trick room with a torkoal
[1:59 PM] Nails: yea man im sick nasty at pkmn
[2:00 PM] Nails: and they tossed their z move turn 1
[2:00 PM] Nails: figuratively
[2:00 PM] Nails: gosh they actually played their mag so bad
[2:00 PM] Ultraballz: We had some expert ghosting from sabella saying “sorry was sleeping” and ez saying “go garchomp” when there was no garchomp
[2:00 PM] Nails: going chomper there would've been nice though
[2:01 PM] Ultraballz: true
[2:01 PM] Nails: do i include this blurb about me calling them shit in the log as well
[2:01 PM] Nails: like i think i got the point across
[2:01 PM] Ultraballz: You can or cannot. Up to you
[2:01 PM] Nails: already
[2:01 PM] Nails: but
[2:01 PM] Nails: maybe the point should get made again
[2:01 PM] Nails: iunno
[2:01 PM] Ultraballz: Pretty sure i said specifically in the logs
[2:01 PM] Ultraballz: Wtf they are ass
[2:02 PM] Nails: yea u right all this is goin in there